Wednesday, 20th January, 2016

Mid August 2013

Obsessed with finding a treatment for my persistent anxiety and dizziness, I frantically searched the internet day and night, like a mad woman. There were many options available ranging from the classic but highly addictive antidepressants to counselling. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to go down the medication route and the idea of counselling didn’t really appeal to me either. I will resolve my problems on my own without seeking the help of a stranger, I reassuringly said to myself. So my search continued for a treatment that would alleviate my anxiety and not hurt my pocket at the same time. The answer was finally found and it was to be – Acupuncture.


Now that the difficult part was over, I needed to find a qualified and accredited therapist who would understand my problems and treat me accordingly. I didn’t have to look for long and soon found a lovely Thai lady just a few miles away from me. I booked an appointment and went for my first consultation a few days later. “How can I help you,” asked the petite and friendly looking acupuncturist. “Well,” I said and gave her my long list of symptoms that I had started experiencing since the beginning of August. The therapist assured me that acupuncture would definitely help with my increasing anxiety, the stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulders and my very strange type of dizziness. All I would need are a few sessions and I would be pain free and ready to go! I eagerly started my therapy in the hope that I would soon be OK and whatever was going wrong in my body would be resolved quickly.

What did I know that this was only the beginning and rather than getting better, I would only get worse, much worse in the weeks that were to follow. From being a normal, able bodied person, I was soon going to become crippled with pain and weakness in my entire body and lose the ability to stand, walk, and lift the lightest of things.


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