Friday, 22nd January, 2016

End August – September 2013

Enjoying my acupuncture sessions and finally getting some relief, I suddenly started experiencing some more strange symptoms. I developed an unusual type of  ‘vertigo,’ a kind of ‘hopping’ sensation whenever I would stand or walk. Any type of visual stimulus, especially in large stores became too much for me. I felt incredibly dizzy and my continuous hopping sensation was driving me mad. Suffering from migraine type headaches at the same time, I went through pots of Tiger Balm, stinking like a menthol factory. Needless to say, I was not Lucky’s best friend at the time! 

Something was seriously wrong and I now needed to see my GP.


“Well, everything looks fine,” proclaimed my GP after poking into my ears and seeing no signs of infection. I told her that it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to walk and that it felt like the ground was moving all the time.  I also admitted that I was experiencing a continuous hopping sensation in my head. The GP was sympathetic and refrained from saying that perhaps, I was turning into Roger Rabbit.

I was prescribed Prochlorperazine and sent away with a diagnosis of Labyrinthitis. “Great,” I thought, I will soon get better and stop hopping everywhere like a rabbit. Only, I didn’t get better and I didn’t stop hopping.

It was now the beginning of September and I was only getting worse. The medication hadn’t worked and if anything it had made me even more dizzy. I decided to see the GP again, but this time another one. Once again, I was told that there was no infection in my ears and that they were absolutely fine. The GP was baffled by my symptoms and asked me if I would like to try antibiotics just in case there was a bacterial infection lurking somewhere. I happily agreed and walked away with a prescription for Amoxicillin and a private referral to see an ENT.

Finally, after four days, I experienced some relief. My ‘vertigo’ felt better and my dizziness too, seemed to have calmed down after two months of non-stop discomfort. It must be a coincidence, I happily said to myself.

This was my second mistake. A mistake that was going to be very costly to my health and my life. I still question myself to this day, as to why I didn’t realise that I was suffering from a bacterial infection. How did I ignore the fact that the antibiotic had done something and why hadn’t I take some action? Why was I still running after a diagnosis of some other fancy condition?

One can call it fate or my plain stupidity, but it seems that I was destined to go on and suffer from Chronic Lyme and its many torturous Co-infections.


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