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Contact me

I know and understand only too well that suffering from Lyme Disease and its multiple co-infections causes a drastic change in our lives. A change so severe that the normalcy of our lives is completely and utterly disrupted in every way possible. Our personal relationships are challenged, as we fight hard to free ourselves from this debilitating disease. Anger, frustration, loneliness and isolation are just some of the feelings that we have to bravely deal with every day. There are ways however, that we can try and make our lives more bearable and that is through speaking with fellow Lyme sufferers.

I would love to talk, help and support anyone that I can who is suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease or is the relative, carer of a person dealing with this illness. I know that finding out that your struggles are somebody else’s struggles too provides reassurance and hope that together we will beat this disease.

So, please do not hesitate to reach out and send me a message, even if it is a simple ‘Hi.’ I promise to answer any questions, queries as best I can.

My best wishes to all,