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Down with Lyme | The Next Three Months…The Slow Decline

Tuesday, 19th January, 2016

The Next Three Months…The Slow Decline

“Eew, that’s disgusting”!!! Exclaimed my husband when I showed him a bright red, aggressive looking, round bite on my stomach. It had now been a couple of weeks since I had visited the fruit farm when suddenly I noticed a rash on the right hand side of my lower stomach. It was a particularly hot summer in 2013 in the UK and we slept with the windows wide open. Thinking nothing of the rash and just dismissing it as another mosquito or spider bite, I went out and about with my daily life. After all, what could happen to me? I grew up in Central Africa and used to visit India every year, so I was used to getting bitten by flying creatures and the like and still be OK. I was strong and my body was accustomed to such things. Yes, this rash was particularly big and odd looking but nothing that set the alarm bells off.

This was my first and perhaps the biggest mistake that I made at the start of my illness. What follows is a series of mistakes that I have made along the way, which have cost me my health and the chance to get well. I sometimes think back, “what if I had gone to the doctors and got some antibiotics, would I still be fighting this disease and letting it become chronic?” But knowing the dire situation in the UK regarding Lyme Disease and especially chronic Lyme, I highly doubt that my GP would have prescribed me antibiotics anyway. There was little to no awareness of Lyme Disease at the time, so I was doomed right from the start.



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