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Down with Lyme | How it all started

Tuesday, 19th January, 2016

How it all started


It was a beautiful, summer’s day and the sun was shining gloriously hitting us with its warmth. Feeling a huge desire to be outside and make the most of this sunny day, I suggested to my mum that we go for some fruit picking at our nearest farm. Going to the fruit farm was an annual event for my family and I had been going there since I was a teenager, without any problems or mishaps. The decision was made and off we set in the afternoon, happy that we would be spending a lovely day out and bringing back home some sweet and luscious fruits to eat.

Little did I know that whilst I was eyeing those red and juicy cherries, someone else had their eyes set on me too. Without having the faintest idea and completely unaware, there was someone crawling up my trousers and finding a warm and comfortable spot to feast on my fresh blood. Whilst I was enjoying picking the fruits and tasting their sweet flesh, there was someone else too having a good time relishing my warm blood and satisfying their hunger.

This was the fateful day that changed everything, my life was going to change forever and it was going to be for the worse. A once healthy individual was going to become bedridden, incapable of doing the smallest of things and be plagued with incredible fatigue. This was the day that would change the very meaning of my existence and go on to test my strength and courage at each step. My relationship with my husband and my family was going to take on a whole new form and once a very independent person was going to become a burden and a liability for them. This day was the 5th July 2013. This was the day that I lost everything, my life and my health and a day that I will never forget for the rest of my natural life.

3 comments on “How it all started”

  1. Shalina says:

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  2. Billy Burg says:

    A black cat in a green drink, holding a Lyme (lime), where did you get that image? Let’s hope the JSC get you well again.

    1. Shalina says:

      haha! That’s my little Lucky…didn’t you recognise her? It took me a long time to think and find an image that would portray both a black cat (because I like them and a lime!). Hope the JSC get us both well and running!

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